Secret Garden Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder Peannut


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Peckish Secret Garden Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder with its decorative leaf design, helps to deter squirrels and larger birds from accessing the feeder. Ensuring that food is available for the smaller garden birds.

  • Antique finish
  • Screw top lid
  • Quick release base to remove inner tube
  • Heard wearing metal
  • Stainless steel mesh prevents young birds from choking on large chunks of peanut
  • Design prevents squirrels and large birds from accessing the internal feeder
  • How to use: Unscrew the top of the feeder and pour the seed into the central section
  • Hang on a tree or from a bird dining station for the best results
  • Where to site : Place your feeder 2 metres from cover, such as trees and dense bushes, to make it visible whilst providing a safe place to retreat
  • Put food out at the start of the day to ensure that birds can replace the energy they’ve lost overnight
  • Product Code: 60051234


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