Gardman Black Steel Heavy Duty Seed Feeder Easy Fill & Clean Feeder


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Gardman Black Steel Seed Feeder made with durable metal is ideal for all types of seed mix, sunflower seed and peanut bites. The feeder has a quick release top and base for easy filling and cleaning.

  • This feeder has an antibacterial coating known as FeedSafe that uses Biomaster antimicrobial technology which inhibits the growth of bacterial by 99.99%
  • Fill with seed mix, peanut bites or sunflower seed
  • Size Standard H 19cm
  • Standard Steel Seed Feeder can hold the following quantities:
    • 250g seed mix
    • 240g peanut bites
    • 180g sunflower seed
  • How to use: Hang on a tree or from a bird dining station for the best results
  • Where to site : Place your feeder 2 metres from cover, such as trees and dense bushes, to make it visible whilst providing a safe place to retreat
  • Put food out at the start of the day to ensure that birds can replace the energy they’ve lost overnight
  • Product Code: A01172



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