Sit Right Chair Mesh Back Support System with Elasticated Positioning Strap




Sit Right Mesh Back Support

Sit Right chair back support system with elasticated positioning strap

Mesh lumbar grill air flow, high quality lumbar support cushion.

This product can be very helpful to help reduce pain and discomfort in your lower back and neck areas


Mesh ergonomic Material Provides Air Flow To Keep You Comfortable

Can Help To Relieve Back Pain And Stress On The Back As Well As The Neck

Gently Conforms To Body Shape Providing Uniform Support

Attach’s Easily To Most Chairs Thanks To It’s Elastic Band

Quickly Fits To Most Chairs Just Slip Support Over The Back Of The Chair

Provides Lumbar Support And Helps To Promote Good Sitting Posture

Mesh Material Eliminates Sweating And Is Designed To Keep You Cooler

Ideal For The Office, Home, Car, Truck or Other Vehicles

One Size Fits Most

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Mesh Back Support, Extra Comfort Back Support


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